5 Best Plugins For Google Chrome

best plugins for Google Chrome

If you use the Chrome browser, you already know the benefits of its many useful features. However, you might have encountered several issues while browsing the web. To solve these issues, you can try installing some useful plugins for Chrome. In this article, I’ll list five popular extensions and their benefits: LinkClump, Power Thesaurus, Clockify Time Tracker, Dark Reader, and adblock. If you’re looking for a free Chrome extension, I recommend Dark Reader, Power Thesaurus, Clockify Time Tracker, and LinkClump.


One of the greatest features of LinkClump is that it makes it easy to open multiple URL links at once. To activate this feature, you simply hold down the right mouse button and draw a selection box around the links. Then, click to open the links in a new window, tab, clipboard, or bookmarks. You can also customize the activation to perform multiple actions. To avoid wasting time on right-clicking that might not work out, you can add a modifier key to activate the selection box. A modifier key such as the Ctrl key is also an option.

Another useful Chrome extension is the Snippet feature, which is used extensively by content marketers. It highlights relevant portions of content on the internet, so you can find important reference points in the source material faster. LinkClump is another useful extension for webmasters, allowing them to open multiple links in separate tabs, copy them to clipboard, and bookmark them. Linkclump also helps writers communicate more effectively by helping them avoid grammar errors.

Power Thesaurus

If you struggle with vocabulary, then Power Thesaurus is a wonderful tool to download. Using this tool will help you to find synonyms for words you have trouble understanding. Power Thesaurus is free and can be installed on any Google Chrome web browser. It will also help you with your writing and reading because it displays related words and phrases. It can also help you understand more complex texts, such as articles and blog posts.

This free tool provides an online dictionary that allows you to look up any word with just a few clicks. You can also view antonyms and definitions of a word in the context of a sentence. There are various settings, such as whether you want to use a dark theme or see more results. Moreover, you can rearrange lists and use filters to refine your results.

Clockify Time Tracker

The Clockify Time Tracker for Google Chrome extension is a simple time tracking application for Chrome. While most time trackers will record every time you open a new tab, this one goes a step further, monitoring your daily activities. The timer can be stopped from the browser extension, desktop application, or mobile application. If you’re worried about time wasting while you’re on the internet, Clockify is the answer.

This free extension allows you to log the time you spend on the web. It stores time data and associates it with predefined workspaces, tags, and projects. This free extension is open source, meaning you can use it on both Mac and PC. It is also cross-platform, meaning it can be used with other tools. In addition, Clockify is a great time management service. Users can keep track of their time in many ways, including through notifications.

Dark Reader

The Dark Reader extension makes reading web pages easier in a dark room. It uses advanced algorithms to select the best colors for every web page. It also saves your settings for each website. Using this extension is highly recommended, even if you already use a dark-mode web browser. The developer’s website is ORG, not COM. There are plenty of alternatives for this browser extension.

The extension can also help you to read books in a dark mode, as it increases contrast and eliminates blue light. This extension has over 4 million users and is free to download and install. It has many other features, too. It can be used in any browser, including Chrome. You can install it on your browser from the Chrome Web Store. To get the full benefits of Dark Reader, download the app.

Speed Dial

The latest version of Speed Dial for Google Chrome is now available. This browser extension allows you to easily manage your phone numbers and other contact information. It also offers several features, such as a default folder and other bookmarks. The extension works in both the default and dark themes. To install the extension on your device, follow the instructions provided below. If you are using Microsoft Edge, you will have to follow a tutorial for installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

The add-on works in two ways. You can either open a new blank tab by pressing CTRL+T, or by clicking the wrench icon in the top-right corner of the browser. The speed dial icon opens a new tab, loading the site and storing a thumbnail. The bookmarking webpage is then placed in the Other Bookmarks > Speed Dial folder, ensuring that it syncs with your Firefox/Google account.

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