The Best WordPress Plugins For Building a Profitable Website

When it comes to creating and managing your website, there is a vast array of WordPress plugins available. From RafflePress for contests to MembershipPress for membership sites, there are many options to choose from. You can also try the free landing page builder plugin GenerateBlocks. Whether you’re starting a blog or running a business, WordPress has plenty of options to help you build a website that’s both useful and profitable.

RafflePress is a great contest plugin

RafflePress is a great WordPress contest plugin that allows you to set up a giveaway. You can also customize your widget and add a prize image or detailed description. You can also add multiple prizes. You can create a raffle or a giveaway on more than one site.

RafflePress is 100% responsive and will look great on any device. It even has a mobile preview so you can see how your campaign will look on various devices. It also lets you manage entries in one place from your WordPress dashboard. In addition, it can connect with 500 other services with its Zapier integration.

Another great benefit of RafflePress is that it makes it easy to build an email list. This will ensure your message is seen by more people and make it easier to convert your target audience into paying customers. You can also easily grow your list with RafflePress’s Grow Your Email List template. It will automatically add an option to subscribe to your newsletter, and you can even integrate links to some of the most popular email marketing services to make it easy for your visitors to opt-in.

Another great feature of RafflePress is its easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. With it, you can easily add entry methods and see a live preview of your giveaway widget. The interface is clutter-free and has clear instructions. RafflePress also includes a library of goal-based giveaway templates.

MemberPress is a great membership plugin

Best WordPress plugins


If you’re running a membership website for a niche website, MemberPress can be an excellent choice. It offers many features and options to build a powerful membership site. For example, you can customize your membership price table, offer giveaways, and integrate third-party plugins and SaaS tools. The plugin also supports affiliate programs and is compatible with several other WordPress plugins.

You can choose from a basic plan or an advanced plan, depending on your needs. Basic plans start at $179 per year and include a course builder. You can also use the drip content feature, which makes new content available to members on a set schedule. Paid plans come with two-site licenses and Zapier integration.

ARMember is another great option for smaller to medium-sized websites. It is easy to use and features a wide range of features, including multiple membership levels and payment cycles. The plugin also supports social media configurations, multiple membership subscriptions, and a developer API.

While MemberPress is one of the best WordPress membership plugins, it does come at a price. If you’re looking for a simple solution without extensive features, you can try Restrict Content Pro or Paid Memberships Pro. Paid Member Subscription is a lightweight solution for your membership site that offers flexible pricing and allows you to choose whether or not to allow content from the frontend. It has over 120 filter actions and can easily manage member access.

Uncanny Automator is a good landing page builder plugin

Uncanny Automator is a WordPress plugin that will automate your site’s workflow and user experience. It does this by connecting several other WordPress plugins and triggering other activities based on their triggers. This saves you countless hours of manual work every year. It supports over a hundred different actions and triggers. It also works with over a dozen WordPress plugins and connects them all for you, with no coding required.

The plugin comes with a comprehensive SEO audit checklist, which analyzes your eCommerce site and lists errors and actionable insights. The plugin also supports 301, 302, and 404 redirects and can automatically populate meta tags and alt text. It has a free version, but the premium version has more features.

SeedProd is the best WordPress landing page builder plugin. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages that sell products. It also offers drag-and-drop functionality, so you can build beautiful pages without any coding knowledge. You can use this plugin to create complete themes or single-page websites. It is a great choice for marketers and site owners alike.

Another popular WordPress landing page builder plugin is WPForms. This plugin lets you create various types of responsive forms in a few minutes. You can choose to include links to your products, or to include an ad in the footer. The plugin is free to use, and has a great support team.

GenerateBlocks is a free WordPress plugin

GenerateBlocks allows you to create blocks in your WordPress website using an array of custom effects. You can also edit the look of links and general WordPress theme appearance. The plugin also includes an online help system. If you have any questions, you can visit the GenerateBlocks website and post a support ticket.

There are three main types of blocks available. The basic container block lets you arrange content in rows and columns. It also gives you the flexibility to customize padding, margin, colors, and spacing. The background component is used to create the background for the block. Then, you can select the desired style for the container and the content within it.

The Container block is the core block of GenerateBlocks. It can be used on its own, or it can be nested inside the Grid block. It is the default block for most pages, and it can be customized for width, padding, spacing, typography, shapes, and backgrounds.

GenerateBlocks is a free plugin that allows you to create blocks. It also allows you to save the blocks that you create. Then, you can use them over again. This plugin is compatible with any theme. You can download it from the WordPress repository.

MetaSlider is a great slider plugin

MetaSlider is a powerful WordPress slider plugin that can easily create beautiful galleries and slideshows for your site. It works with all types of content, including images and videos, and supports multiple slides. It also supports full-width galleries and sliders, and is compatible with all types of WordPress themes.

MetaSlider can also create custom themes for your website. This means you can display any kind of content you want, including videos, layers, and html. You can even display post feeds or items from your portfolio. It even supports import and export of themes between WordPress suites.

You can purchase the Pro version of MetaSlider for $19 or $39 for personal and multi-site use. This will give you access to premium features and support, as well as yearly updates. This means that you can upgrade at anytime if you need more features.

MetaSlider is a great WordPress slider plugin that is easy to use and comes with four different types of slides. It also supports multiple slides per site, and supports rich text. It is compatible with touch screens and works on desktops and laptops. There is also a free version available.

MetaSlider has an HTML slides feature, which allows you to include almost any type of content in your slideshows. This feature turns Meta Slider into a general-purpose slideshow builder, and greatly expands its capabilities.

Uncanny Automator is a good giveaway plugin

If you’ve ever had trouble automating certain tasks on your WordPress website, you should check out Uncanny Automator. The plugin works by connecting plugins and creating automation recipes. It can do things like enrolling users in courses, creating calendar events, and more. It’s a powerful piece of software that will save you countless hours every year.

The free version of this WordPress automation plugin comes with only a few features. However, the paid version comes with four extra layout styles, and support for embedding hashtags, tagged posts, and different feeds. It also comes with a twelve-month support period. Whether you use free or paid versions, Uncanny Automator is a solid choice for automating your website.

RafflePress is the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to set up and run contests, and it also integrates with popular email marketing services. It also includes social sharing options, so your website can get a lot more traffic and social media followers.

Uncanny Automator is an easy-to-use plugin that packs powerful features into a simple-to-use interface. With it, you can automate nearly every aspect of your website. From adding new pages to posting new articles, Uncanny Automator can put your site(s) on autopilot. Plus, the plugin comes with an easy-to-use editor and a powerful range of app integrations.

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